Selecting a Business Premise

Intermediary Step - Select a Street


Accessing individual business property information is best done in stages and selecting the name of the street is the first step. Choose the street to reveal the premises within that street.

Select a Street -    

Note – the only streets available for selection are those currently on the database.

There are just over 1200 individual building records of premises in Barnsley on our database at present and Peel Street, Pitt Street and New Street have not yet been catalogued.


Business premises can be complex. Although most have single occupants, many have multiple levels, i.e. upstairs, street level and cellars, which are regarded as separate properties with different occupants. In the past there have been businesses operating from the yard of a building, not the premise itself.


Premises change with time. Some buildings might have been merged together or separated, or both, in the same building over a period of time. Individual database records are required to reflect this.


A further complication is that the building names change, sometimes reflecting a change in the nature of a business, which requires additional database records. A typical example of this could be a bakery which later becomes a public house. If there is only one database record of the premise then it would have the name of a public house and so it would appear that the baker operated from a pub.

We identify every database premise record by a building ID, which is based on its present day postcode and the street premise number. Buildings with no premise number are given zero. A picture will occasionally exist of a street that has no building IDs: for completeness a unique number is provided as a building ID.


Should a building ID have had more than one premise name, separate database records are created with a suffix added to the building ID,

i.e. /1,/2,/3 etc. This could be either because the same building has changed its name or because more than one building has no premise number and can only be distinguished by name.



























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