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You can search either by Street, Keyword or Photographer. This will provide you with a list of thumbnail images. Clicking on the thumbnail will display the full image.


Note: searching by photographer now downloads 250 at a time to avoid Edward Tasker's or Roy Portman's collections taking a considerable time due to the number of thumbnails to download.


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You will find a vast number of photographs of old and new Barnsley although the site is still developing and as yet only about half of all photographs have been fully classified.


The majority of Ted Tasker’s collection is accessible by street. About 500 of his photographs are images such as posters, medals or almanac covers which, can be accessed by the photographer search. The whole of a photographer’s collection on the site can be accessed by the photographer/collector’s name.


Keywords, Titles and general details are currently being assigned to street photographs as an ongoing scheduled exercise.


Please visit our unidentified page as we have images that we would like to know more about.


























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