Selecting an Occupant

First Step


There are two ways to search for an occupant.

  1. Select the full name or enter a part name and click the name continue button.
  2. Select street and click the street continue button.
  Select Name
Part Name
  Select Street


With some 9,000 records to choose from, it is not easy to identify a particular person or business. Frequently the same person is identified separately in different premises or at different times, for example Albert Hirst and Benjamin Harral were both very well-known Barnsley businesses; both had several different names with shops in more than one street. This is not uncommon.

The first way to search is by full or partial name. The full name is more difficult as you need to know whether to use their initials or just the name. Part name is much easier and also helps when a business has alternative names. Entering ‘Hirst’ or ‘Harral’ will bring up all of their records and some other businesses with similar names. To do this select name or part name and click on name continue. Clicking on it without making any selection will show a list of all records and might take some time.

The second way is to choose a street in which the shop or business was located. Check some of the names to jog your memory. This might produce a substantial list as some streets have a business history of more than 150 years. To do this, select a street and then click on street continue.


























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